PRICE: GPH287T5L/4P Ultraviolet UV Bulb 4pin Base 11 1/2"

Buy GPH287T5L/4P Ultraviolet UV Bulb 4pin Base 11 1/2" Online in USA. Shop for LSE Lighting products in Tools & Home Improvement, Fluorescent Tubes, Light Bulbs. See price and info, Click here.

Part #: LSE-GPH287
EAN: 0843324109703
From: LSE Lighting
Model Number: GPH287T5L/4P
Material: Glass
UPC: 843324109703
Wattage: 15.0  watts
Category: Tools & Home Improvement


Length: 11.50″; Base Type: 4pins ONE END; Bulb Type: T5 Style Quartz Glass – Bulb Type: Germicidal UV Tube Light, Brand: LSE Lighting, Polaris Scientific UV GL14SE4P, UV-2C, Purely UV Products PUVLF285, Siemens LP4130, SolAir Systems Inc ES-SolAire Two, ES-SolAire Two-2UV, SterLRay BIO-1.5, MIN-1.5, MIN-3, Sunlight LP4130, Thermo Fisher Scientific LMX13, Trojan 600,650144, UV 600, UV 602, UV 622, UV 650144, Ultra Dynamics 7001-805, P1, S2, VP-1, P1, Ushio G14T5L/4P, WaterTec LS287T5L, UV-L2SA.RL, UV2A, Watts HSUV-SS-2-1, WUV 2, Xtra-Fresh Air ES-SolAire Two, Zap Pure UV ZP-5, Watts: 14W – Effective Hours Rating: 12,000hrs (Extra LiFE) – Quality Ultraviolet UV lighting by LSE Lighting Brand (New technology UV Lighting with Extra LiFE), This lamp replaces these and others: American Ultraviolet GML225 Aqua Azul L-1-805 Aqua Treatment Service ATS4-287 Aqua Ultraviolet – Aqua UV 15 Watt AquaPro Industrial UV1-L Atlantic Ultraviolet BIO-1.5, MIN-1.5, MIN-3, AeroLogic, Biologic, Minipure, Tankmaster ATS ATS4-287 Barnstead Thermo Fischer Scientific LMX13 Gamma Current USA 1411, 15 Watt Glasco 1508 Ideal Horizons 41003, 42002, LBR-4,


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